Slippery Rock University
Presidentís Award for Excellence in Teaching
Nomination Form 2012-2013

For several years Slippery Rock University has recognized the innovative and outstanding teaching that takes place every day in the classrooms on campus. Once a year, the university community pauses to honor one SRU faculty member by presenting the Presidentís Award for Excellence in Teaching at Slippery Rock Universityís Academic Honorís Convocation. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to nominate a faculty member for the award during the fall semester.
Criteria for the Faculty Candidate:

  • Primary responsibility is teaching (at least 9 hours per semester).

  • Demonstrates an exemplary commitment to teaching and student learning.

  • Maintains a classroom that promotes high student engagement.

  • Pursues scholarly growth that enhances teaching.

    Nominations by e-mail, or online due by Oct. 24 to:
    Dr. A. Keith Dils, Committee Chairperson


    *Previous winners are not eligible:

    Dr. Danette DiMarco, Dr. Cindy LaCom, Dr. Betsy McKinley, Dr. John Misner,
    Dr. Kathleen Strickland, Dr. Eva Tsuquiashi-Daddesio, Dr. Wendy Stuhldreher, Dr. Stephen Hawk,  Ms. Stacey Steele, Dr. Athula Herat, Dr. Joseph Merhaut, Dr. Kimberly Smith, and Dr. Christine Walsh.

    I  nominate (faculty memberís name)
    for the Presidentís Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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    (Upon completion, this form will be sent to the Chairperson of the Presidentís
    Award for Excellence in Teaching Committee.)