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Budget News

May 16, 2012

Pennsylvanians can expect heated negotiations over proposed state budget
House likely to restore higher ed money, Smith says

May 9, 2012

Universities pledge lower tuition hikes
Senate Republicans seek to restore state money to schools
Pa. Senate GOP's budget bill advances to the floor
States struggling to slow tuition growth
Pa. budget-cut dissent louder than usual

March 14, 2012

Governor challenges panel on higher education
Corbett challenges critics to find money for higher education
Pa. Gov. Tom Corbett's higher education advisory panel gets to work
House leader wants to offset higher ed cuts
Corbett: Higher ed blind to recession
Higher ed's ever-higher tuitions: Corbett's correction
Penn State open to going private
Penn State's 'informal' discussion about going private meets with mixed reactions

March 7, 2012

State Schools Chief: Education Cuts Hurt Lower Income Families Hardest
Pa. Gov.'s budget would cause a decrease in state grants
Pa. higher-education panel to meet March 12
Pa. lawmakers question cuts for state-owned universities
Gloves come off in battle for Pa. higher ed funds
Senators lining up against higher education cuts
Gov. Corbett tells higher education to control costs during Erie visit
For taxpayers, Pitt 'partnership' one-sided
Why tuition has skyrocketed at state schools

Mar. 3, 2012

How to stop starving public colleges and shrinking the middle class

Feb. 29, 2012

Students at Pa.'s 14 state-owned universities fear impact of budget cuts
Senate Appropriations leader wants to retain higher ed funds
Pa. Sen. Jake Corman advocates against funding cuts for Pa. public colleges and universities
Universities' ally: A powerful GOP senator opposes cuts to higher ed
Point/Counterpoint: What should state do for higher education?

Feb. 15, 2012

Corbett defends cuts in Pa. higher-education budget
Burden of college costs falling more and more on students
Higher education could face significant changes because of dwindling state support
Edinboro protest planned against proposed state budget cuts
John Baer: Cut college aid? Brilliant, folks

Feb. 9, 2012

State systems schools could lose a third of their funding
Governor proposes more cuts
Pa.budget proposal slices MU funding
Corbett one-ups Obama with higher-ed cuts
State universities facing steep cuts
College students' debt loads keep growing

Feb. 8, 2012

Governor proposes lean budget, with big higher ed cuts
Higher education proposal termed nation's most onerous
Pa. college students to feel the pinch
Higher ed takes second heavy hit
Under Pa plan, more cuts
Inquirer Editorial: Corbett again targets colleges
Gov. Corbett whacks higher ed funding
As Penn State students rally, Pa. Gov. Tom Corbett ties aid to open records

Feb. 23

Universities s warn of more subsidy cuts
At Pa. hearing on cuts in college aid, Christie's funding is praised
Penn State, Temple, Pitt defend getting state funding
Penn State's Erickson makes pitch for more funding